The Grimoire Files: 02

Hi all!

I am back today, feeling sort of invigorated, and sort of disheartened. I did my first paid tarot readings last night (woot!) but I am still learning how to run a successful business.  I have to adjust my pricing, and figure out how to best sell things at a craft fair.

I have another opportunity to sell at a booth soon in August, and I am thinking about setting up an Etsy store. I need to order some business cards! That’s on the agenda for the next few weeks.

First of all, another Grimoire Files!

Introducing (1)

Tough Tarot Topics: Racism  Oh my goddess, this blog is PHENOMENAL! Ivan, the author, is a queer person of colour, and recounts some of their experiences dealing with racism in the tarot community.

Shocker: There is no Universal Threefold Law in Wicca  First of all, I dislike how many people presume that Wiccan rules/greetings are the standard amongst pagans, even amongst groups of pagans! There seems to be an assumption that every Pagan celebrates the Wheel of the Year, follows the Threefold Law, and finishes every spell or blessing with “So Mote It Be”. I see it at conventions and festivals.  When I saw this blog post, I felt drawn to it!  Her literary analysis of the original Gardner novel is incredibly interesting!

“The idea is that the witch returns things triple, not the universe. The witch is herself the agent of a threefold response, not the universe. “

On Tarot Reading Ethics: Part 1: Health, Legal, and Financial Readings The first of two articles about the Ethics of tarot reading.  Totally worth checking out, she has some amazing links and resources to check out for tarot readers. She addresses some legal and moral issues facing spiritual readers, mostly seeming to address issues in the United States.

The World by Tayler Smith

Recreating the Tarot Deck for the 21st Century These are SO GORGEOUS!  This was a short show featuring over 70 different artists at a show in London. I, for one, am really hoping that they make a tarot deck of these, because I am really digging it!

I’m sure I’ll be coming at you with some more links and resources soon.  If you have a link you want to share with us, please feel free to send me a message here on on my FB page, which is newly set up!  Come check it out, and follow along.  I’ll be announcing the winners of the free readings over there shortly!

Facebook: The Rowan and the Staff


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