Grimoire Files 05

I am back, witches!

Life likes to kick my ass, you know? School started in September, and getting myself used to the routines of teaching, and balancing work with family life, took longer than I expected!

I decided that as I re-launch Grimoire Files, I am going to divide my links into various sections, names of which shall be determined as I go, based on what comes across my desk that week!

Introducing (2).png

witches be witching: cool witch-things that witches have done

pagan parenting

  • Indulging My Son’s Obsession with Funerals While not witch/pagan specifically, this article really spoke to me about how we can parent those kids who don’t love the ordinary, how we can parent the kids that WE once were.
  • explaining polytheism to kids My step-daughter and I have been talking a lot about religion – what I believe, what her dad believes (he is norse pagan) and what her mom believes (she is pagan). I read this article and used some of their ideas to help explain what I believe and why I believe it.


witchy tools

  • Full Moon Goddess Blessing Salt
  • Hawthorne Heart: Bad-Ass Boundaries Resource List So I came across this online course, “hawthorne heart: boundary skills and protection magic for femme witches and healers” The class is expensive, and I haven’t signed up for it. But this link roundup they posted really seemed to resonate with me – I have some more exploration to do on the topic of Boundaries personally, and I am intrigued to do more research!
  • how to craft your own herbal smoking blends i am a cannabis smoker. I am pretty open about it, but I also *enjoy* smoking, and the idea of making an herbal blend to smoke is quite intriguing.
  • create your own altar – a rough rundown of what an altar is and some different pictures of altars.
  • Winter Crafts for Wiccans – while this doesn’t have any specific recipes or instructions, it is a great list of ideas for things you can do as a witch in the winter. I do a lot of them already (creating incense blends, make cold remedies, make crockpot meals, quilt), but it is a great reminder for me of the magic of Winter and the amazing way we can be creative when it is harder to be outdoors.
  • the ultimate list of witchy resources – The Witch of Lupine Hollow has this great resource list of books She also has this amazing guide to creating your grimoire manuscript: grimoire planing for the editorial witch, which is a phenomenal starter guide for the modern witch who is wanting to create their own grimoire

If you have any awesome blogs or links you think I should post, please drop me a comment here, on FB, or on Tumblr with a link and I’ll be sure to include it in my next Grimoire File!

Many blessings,

Fae ❤

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